23 April 2014

3 Ways To Improve Your Blogging Endeavors

Do you ever feel like when you start writing, editing photos, etc that you have no idea what you are doing? Or maybe your a freelancer and not sure what to do next to reach out to people and get more exposure?

 I've spent the last few weeks trying to see how I can improve my writing and photos on The Bradleys and try to get more organized so that when it comes to me sitting down and staring at a blank screen I feel less empty. That darn blank page! The bane of every writer's existence.

All the blogging books and courses I have invested in have helped me understand where to begin bringing about change to how I write+work online.

Get Focused

The number one problem most bloggers have is a lack of focus on their blog. I am including myself in this big time. From branding ( the look and feel of your blog, especially how a reader in particular feels when they land on your page) to the content ( categories, style, tone) and frequency of posts, bloggers are all over the place in general with what they write and how they present themselves. Because many of us begin this journey not sure what we want to share online and are looking for our voice as well as our tribe. We find a blog we love and subconsciously emulate that because it inspires us, then we realize hey, I actually like this style over here and maybe should be talking about food over travel...or maybe I should focus on marriage and family...

Whatever one chooses, it's best to spend some time getting focused on what you want to convey on your blog. This increases traffic and will not pigeon hole you but instead will help the right readers find you. You don't have to write about everything, write about what really resonates to you.

Helpful questions to dive deeper 

What 3 to 5 categories do you LOVE blogging about?

What do people tell you you are natural at?

What do you get excited talking about?

What colours, fonts, photos inspire you the most? Which do you identify with?


I'm working on this one and I can tell you it hasn't been easy. Planning is a foreign word to me. Content Brew covers how to mind map and create an editorial calendar but you can get a good deal of the planning process here.


If I ask you what you're an expert at, would you tell me ' uhh, expert? I'm not sure I am one..' or would you confidently list out the things you rock at? Most of us are wary using the word expert, and rightly so; it's a PR term that can apply to anyone really. But read this and you may think twice about what you are an expert at because I bet you are an expert at many things and you don't give yourself credit for it.

Use your blog to teach the things you rock at. Many of us read blogs to learn something, so why not share your skills with others? It's a great way to build your blog and make a difference.

What are you struggling at with your blog?

18 April 2014

Overcoming Doubt

This past week was busy filled with my beginning Rock Your Blog (affiliate which is seriously incredible!!!) and attempting to clean up the house. Plus daydreaming, as I am want to do. Daydreaming about living in France again, smelling all the scents that fill the air and float around the streets, looking for passersby to take a minute and pause, relishing the moment. It was the place I was the happiest and I miss it dearly.

Then the excuses started coming in about why I can't live there again. Billy is gluten free, it would be hell for him living in the bread capital of the world! I'd like a house and if we ended up in Paris we would be in an apartment. The crime was bad last time I lived there. Maybe it's not safe. Maybe it would be a pain applying for Billy and Kaya's residents card. Maybe we wouldn't be able to get healthcare. Maybe it would be best to be in Canada. No more visas!!

The truth is I have no idea if I will ever live their again, but when I confronted these maybes head on I proved them all to be false. Except for the apartment. That was is pretty much a given. The real issue here is doubt.

How often do we dream or set goals and then fear comes to play and ruins everything? 

For me this is a regular occurance. I want results from the things I do and if they don't manifest I get discouraged and self doubt sets in. What I've found is that most of everyone's doubts and negativity come from an ignorant place that is trying its best to protect us from anything that may come from doing something different.

We can overcome this doubt, anxiety, and negativity in different ways, but probably the is to prove the negative self banter wrong by showing it examples of people who have done whatever it is we have wanted to do. You can watch this episode of Marie TV to hear Dr. Cathy Collautt talk about how to do this ( you can also get her free pdf on it here)

What do you do when you encounter self doubt? How do you motivate yourself?

12 April 2014

Photos from Bangkok

Little cafe across from our hotel. Cheap, great coffee!

I'm sorry...is that green tea soft serve? Yes. Yes it is. From Japan.

I have been excited to write about our trip to Bangkok but hadn't had the chance as soon afterwards we were off to Malaysia to get our visas. You may remember that the last time we were in Bangkok we decided it wasn't the right place for us; we could find affordable pet friendly housing ( most condos do not allow pets) and the trip wasn't the best overall. We did get to meet our friend Molly and her lovely daughter and had the chance to stay at a gorgeous apartment though, so I had a hankering to go back sometime and explore the city further. Which we finally did!

We were only there a few days and had to hustle to get my passport renewed in time. We stayed at the same hotel and actually did the same old routine of walking around the neighborhood and swimming in the rooftop pool. This time however, we found people both friendlier ( at not only the hotel but wherever we went) and discovered an amazing Vietnamese restaurant. No, we didn't hit up the touristy-yet-gorgeous temples or get off the beaten track, but it made us realize we want to spend more time there in the future.

Bangkok is hectic, hot, and not laid back like here in Phuket. But I can tell you from experience that island life, albeit relaxing, can be boring. My mind and spirit are craving something to do, new places to explore and so I can't wait to return to Bangkok in a few months to get Kaya's passport renewed.